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Emotional Intelligence Resources

Many valuable resources focusing on Emotional and Social Intelligence are available. Below is a partial list of books, articles and webinars, several based on extensive original research by High Performing Systems including Dr. Thompson's seminal work on stress and decision making, The Stress Effect. For more information, contact HPS.


Free Webinars and Webcasts

These webcasts provide practical, expert training and information on Emotional Intelligence topics critical for navigating today's competitive business climate. Click on the webcast to view it.

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The Stress Effect Cover Image The Stress Effect: Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions—And What to Do About It
The ability to make sound and timely decisions is the mark of a good leader. But when leaders with otherwise strong track records suddenly begin making poor decisions—as seen in the recent corporate scandals that rocked the business world—the impact can be widespread. In The Stress Effect, leadership expert Henry L. Thompson argues that stress is often the real culprit behind this leadership failure: when leaders' stress levels become sufficiently elevated—whether in the boardroom or on the front line of a manufacturing process—their ability to effectively use their Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Ability in tandem to make wise decisions is significantly impaired. Until now, experts have argued that increasing your Emotional Intelligence will help you cope with and manage stress. This book suggests that stress actually blocks access to your Emotional Intelligence as well as your Cognitive Ability, two critical components in the decision-making process. Click here to purchase.

Handook for Developing ESI Cover Image

Handbook for Developing Emotional & Social Intelligence: Best Practices, Case Studies and Strategies

Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence features a wealth of case studies, best practices and proven tools that show how emotional and social intelligence can be harnessed to deliver improved individual, team and organization effectiveness. Click here to purchase.
Emotionally Intelligent Team Cover Image
The Emotionally Intelligent Team

Authors Marcia Hughes and James Terrell offer practical information and a guide for businesses that want to draw on the power of the emotional competencies of their teams. They reveal how individuals, team members and leaders can take the steps to become more emotionally intelligent team members. Click here to purchase.

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