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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

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HPS provides practical, expert training and information on talent management topics critical for navigating today's competitive business climate. Click on the links for more information and to view the presentations. Please check back periodically as this page will be updated frequently.
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Most Recent Articles

When Technical Skills are Not Enough: The Role of Interpersonal Relationships in Leadership Success. (click here)

Back to Basics:Start at the Beginning to Rebuild and Grow. (click here)

Why Emotional Intelligence is More Important Than Ever. (click here)

When Stress Goes Up.
(click here)

Improve Your 9-Box with a Two-Pronged Approach that Works. (click here)

Leading After COVID: Power Up Your Talent Review
. (click here)

A New Science of Leadership for the Post-COVID World. (click here)

How to Help Leaders Create and Achieve Realistic Goals. Plus, Coaching Tips that Work. (click here)

Self-Awareness and Success are Linked (click here)

Best-Fit Leaders Balance Learned and Innate Abilities. Plus, a Powerful Selection Tool That Works. (click here)

Why Co-Workers Need to Get Along Plus. A Proven Tool to Help. (click here)

Leaders Need Empathy—Here’s Why. Plus, Practical Tips to Improve. (click here)

Why Training and Development Won't Always Solve Leadership Issues. (click here)


Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Work (click here)

Emotional Intelligence Case Studies (click here)

Emotional Intelligence and Stress (click here)

Recorded Videos (Run Time ~ 10 - 20 Minutes):

Track 1: Emotional Intelligence (click here)

Track 2: Leader Selection and Development
(click here)

Track 3: Building Stress Resilience
(click here)

Next Live Webcast:


Recently Recorded Webcasts:

Communicating Effectively During Covid-19 Stress - Presentation Video - More information found here.

Interpersonal Balance Reset - Presentation Video - More information found here.

Improve Sleep Impacted by COVID-19 Stress - Presentation Video - More information found here.

The Stress Effect: Learn the One Model Anyone Can Use to Manage Stress Effectively. More information found here.

The Stress Effect: Social Distancing II - Presentation Video –More information found here.

The Stress Effect: Social Distancing - Presentation Video –More information found here.

Leadership Lessons from MACV-SOG (Just Another Day at SOG) - More information found here.

Leadership Lessons from MACV-SOG (Introduction) - More information found here.

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Predict Job Success -
More information found here.

When Stress Takes Away Your Emotional Intelligence
- More information found here.

Recorded Webcasts (Run Time ~ 60 Minutes):

Track 1: Talent Management - Hire, Develop, Retain (click here)

Track 2: Succession Planning Solutions
(click here)

Track 3: Using Leader & Team Assessments
(click here)

Track 4: The Stress Effect - Build Individual & Organizational Stress Resilience
(click here)

Track 5: The Science of Element B™
(click here)

For a complete listing of Emotional Intelligence resources, go here.

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