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Building Resilience
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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument

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High Performing Systems is a recognized leader in using a systems approach to help leaders, teams and organizations improve performance. We provide Consulting, Assessments, Coaching and Training for companies worldwide.
Introducing the Pearman Personality Integrator: The End of Personality Stereotypes

Go back to the roots of personality type theory while incorporating new insights into the way individuals operate in the 21st century. The Pearman is perfectly suited for use with your talent development initiatives. Pearman Function Attitude Image

A complaint MBTI® type practitioners often hear from clients is that assessment results "label people" or "put them in to boxes." In reality, people often identify so strongly with the pattern of their own MBTItype preferences, it can become an explanation (or excuse) for their behavior. The Pearman encourages you to move beyond a type pattern and gain greater use of all your psychological resources.

The Pearman represents personality along a continuum and does away with the need to choose one personality type over another. This also eliminates the feeling of being labeled or "put in a box." Respondents feel a greater fit with their results. Learn more.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence Coaching

People ImageIf you want the most impact for the money you spend on development, consider this: Emotional Intelligence is the biggest predictor of performance in the workplace and an essential leadership skill set. Coaching on Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient, or EQ) is the quickest way to develop under-used skills to recognize, evaluate, manage and express emotions. Think about the myriad problems that can be addressed when leaders learn to use their EI: Conflict, Stress, Communication and more. Why wait? The potential is already there. Use it! Learn more.

Use Science to Select and Promote Leaders

The Leadership Potential Equation™(LPE™) identifies Leaders who have the ability to lead at a specific organizational level now. But that's not all. LPE accurately predicts a leader's potential for growth over time. This means you can stop promoting leaders who lack the ability to lead at higher levels and choose the ones who can. Use the LPE to transform your leadership development programs, coaching and job assignments. We can save you thousands of dollars and renovate your leadership pipeline. Here's how.

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In fast-paced environments, every decision counts. Stress impacts how and what decisions are made—especially in emergency situations. You need leaders who can make the best decisions to achieve the best possible outcome every time.

When decision makers must act quickly, often with only partial information, they make better decisions if they are equipped with the tools and training for effective Decision Making Under Stress (DMUS). Leaders, especially, need focused training on how to build more stress-resilient teams and organizations. Learn more.
Certifications & Training Workshops
High Performance Leadership™ System ~ Integrated Leader Development for all organizational Levels BarOn EQ-i® Certification ~ The Most Widely Used Emotional and Social Intelligence Assessment (EQ-i 2.0 Certification)
FIRO® Element B™ Certification ~ Dynamic Interpersonal Relations Assessment - Improve Teamwork TeamDynamics™ ~ Certification on Four Team Assessments
CommunicationWheel® Training ~ A practical system for using psychological type to improve communication. ARSENAL™ Certification ~ Learn to help clients take control of individual or organizational stress.
Pearman Personality Integrator ~ A practical system to move beyond a type pattern and gain greater use of all your psychological resources. Decision Making Under Stress ~ Learn to help leaders make quality decisions under stress.
Discounts for Early Registration, HPS Alumni, Referrals, and Groups. Call 706-769-5836 or Email info@hpsys.com
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Building Stress Resilience
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“The Stress Effect” blends powerful concepts shaping the future of Leadership & Business — the Brain, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Decisions (More)

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Use Emotional & Social Intelligence to Improve Team Performance (More)
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Five Essential Skills to Boost Business Collaboration (More)

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