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High Performance Leadership

HPS believes that organizations cannot survive without effective leadership. Our consulting, training and assessment services are designed to move your leaders into the High Performance Zone. We still adhere to one of Dr. Thompson’s original tenants:

“Leadership is the fabric that holds organizations together.”

The foundation for the High Performance Leadership System was developed during the late 70’s and early 80’s as part of a massive leadership study designed to transition NATO nations from a linear war fighting doctrine to the nonlinear battlefield of the 21st Century. Dr. Thompson was part of the team of leadership experts examining the essentials of leadership and high performing battle staffs. From his work on this project he was able to formulate a Five-Level Organizational Model™. This model proposed that organizations stratified based on work complexity and time horizons.

Other companies are beginning to talk about Leadership
Levels, but the concept began here as an integrated system in 1984.

During the time since his original formulation, Dr. Thompson has continued to refine and develop the High Performance Organization Model™, the High Performance Leadership Model™, Tiered Leadership Competencies™ and the 3-D Team Model™.

High Performing Systems created the first, and still has, the only Four-Level tiered, integrated leader development process.

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