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Leading with Iron


In this video, hear HPS Founder and CEO Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D., discuss the mental acuity and physical grit it takes to train for and complete the 140.6-mile distance required to become an IRONMAN®. For Dr. Thompson, achieving top performance has been a lifelong commitment. He served over 21 years in the military where he trained and led some of the most elite Special Operations teams in the world followed by more than 30+ years working as an internationally-recognized OD consultant, educator, speaker and author. From creating revolutionary assessments like the Leadership Potential Equation, to developing specialized trainings like Decision Making Under Stress, to penning vital business resources like The Stress Effect, Dr. Thompson’s enduring passion is to push the boundaries of potential and performance—for himself, his HPS team and for the leaders and organizations that HPS serves.

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