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Emotional Intelligence

What are you doing to increase awareness of Emotional Intelligence in your company? You might be missing out on one of your greatest organic resources. Most people are under using their Emotional Intelligence strengths. Many are unaware of areas that need a little tweaking. Increased awareness could translate to better performance, less stress and increased engagement.

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Emotional intelligence might be the most important factor in leader success, interpersonal relationships, collaboration and mental health.— Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D., President & CEO of High Performing Systems

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is about recognizing and managing one's own emotions and the emotions of others.

More specifically, Emotional Intelligence is

a person's innate ability to perceive and manage his/her own emotions in a manner that results in successful interactions with the environment and, if others are present, to also perceive and manage their emotions in a manner that results in successful interpersonal interactions.— Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D.

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Why is Emotional Intelligence important?

Emotional Intelligence is a key driver of how people relate to each other—how they get along. If emotions are misinterpreted, emotionally charged encounters can escalate, leading to damaged relationships or poor decisions.

Why choose High Performing Systems for your Emotional Intelligence needs?

Our clients choose us because HPS:

  • Is a premier provider of Emotional Intelligence consulting, training and assessments worldwide
  • Provides world-class customer service
  • Is a member of the Emotional Intelligence Consortium and conducts cutting-edge research
  • Uses Emotional Intelligence to enhance leader, team and organizational performance
  • Has 28 years of experience using Emotional Intelligence and/or its components
  • Has a professional team of consultants and trainers who are experts in Emotional Intelligence
  • Publishes the Team Emotional and Social Intelligence® (TESI®) instrument
  • Provides certification and advanced training on EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360 and MSCEIT, Emotional Intelligence assessments published by MHS.
  • Provides certification and training on the TESI, the only scientifically validated Team Emotional and Social Intelligence instrument.

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