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The Pygmalion Project: Love and Coercion Among the Types, V. 2, The Guardian
In the second volume of Stephen Montgomery’s series entitledThe Pygmalion Project, the author applies Psychological Type and Temperament to literary characters to help readers see how people try to form those they love into their own image. In this volume, the author explains the role of The Guardian Temperament in various literary works.

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The second volume ofMontgomery’s series entitledThe Pygmalion Projectis as well written and interesting as the first. The author applies Psychological Type and Temperament to literary characters in a successful attempt to “look at the different ways people go about their closest relationships” (7). According toMontgomery, we all try to form those we love into our own image. InThe Guardian,Montgomeryexplores how Guardians— the SP Temperament, characterized by duty and tradition— are portrayed by writers such as Evelyn Waugh, Thomas Hardy, Virginia Wolfe, and Jane Austen, among others. Throughout the book,Montgomeryexplains the relationships between Guardians and other Temperaments, thereby giving readers insight into how all four Temperaments interact with each other, especially in intimate relationships. Whether readers are interested in literature, Temperament or both, they will findMontgomery’s book to be both enlightening and enjoyable.

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