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CommunicationWheel® PowerPoint Pro Set
Full color, professional PowerPoint presentation designed with your workshop needs in mind.  The set includes a combination of slides from the CommunicationWheel®Resource Book, the CommunicationWheel®Basic PowerPoint Set, including some animated slides.
Our Price: US$100.00

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Element B™ Certification

The Element B Certification Course prepares you to administer and interpret the Element B assessment, provide feedback on the results and use Element B in a variety of applications such as leader development and coaching, team building, leader selection and much more.


NOTE: Any coupons or discounts will be applied upon registration acceptance.

Save time, travel expenses and more by attending the LIVE online certification workshop from the convenience of your own computer. Interact with the instructor and other participants in real time during the session.

Our Price: US$995.00

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ICO Wall Charts
These laminated wall charts summarize key terms associated with each of the three FIRO dimensions (Inclusion, Control and Openness).  Set of three (one each).
Our Price: US$40.95

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Introduction to FIRO Element B™ in Organizations Workbook
Introduction to FIRO Element Bin OrganizationsWorkbook. Participant workbook.
Our Price: US$5.25

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The CommunicationWheel®: A Resource Book

A complete trainer's manual. Includes step-by-step outline with lecturette, reproducible masters, over 70 PowerPoint instructional overheads, application exercises, Communication Preference Questionnaire™ and a bibliography/resource list.

Our Price: US$225.00

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The Pygmalion Project: Love and Coercion Among the Types, V. 2, The Guardian
In the second volume of Stephen Montgomery’s series entitledThe Pygmalion Project, the author applies Psychological Type and Temperament to literary characters to help readers see how people try to form those they love into their own image. In this volume, the author explains the role of The Guardian Temperament in various literary works.
Our Price: US$9.95

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