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Atmosphere Wall Chart
This laminated wall chart displays the atmosphere (culture, climate) of a team in the areas of Inclusion, Control and Openness.  Great for use when discussing team compatibility.
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Communication Preference Questionnaire (CPQ)
The Communication Preference Questionnaire (CPQ) is a quick, self-report of communication language and dialect preferences.  The questions are based on empirical research* and are formatted in an easy, self-scorable assessment.

* Correlates with MBTI
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CommunicationWheel Poster
This colorful 18"x24" poster is laminated for reuse. Display names of workshop participants, family members, team members, etc. to visually represent the source of potential communication challenges. Helps make the concept of "personality" more concrete and easier to understand.
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Element B PowerPoint Presentation

Full color, professional presentation designed for a three to four hour introductory Element B session.

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Element B: Behavior (Full Interpretive Report)
This instrument provides a measure of interpersonal behavior in the areas of Inclusion, Control and Openness in a thirteen page report with complete explanations of each area.
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The Pygmalion Project: Love and Coercion Among the Types, V. 2, The Guardian
In the second volume of Stephen Montgomery’s series entitledThe Pygmalion Project, the author applies Psychological Type and Temperament to literary characters to help readers see how people try to form those they love into their own image. In this volume, the author explains the role of The Guardian Temperament in various literary works.
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