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ABLE™ Online Certification

The ABLEOnline Certification Program

The ABLE Live, Online Certification Workshop will prepare you to administer and interpret the ABLE family of assessments and provide feedback on the results, allowing you to set benchmarks for training and development initiatives, as well as for leadership coaching. 


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Our Price: US$200.00

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ARSENAL™ Online Certification

The ARSENALOnline Certification Program


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Our Price: US$295.00

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Element B Wall Chart (Laminated)

This reusable, laminated wall chart provides for the display of names and Element B scores of workshop participants or team members for easy comparison and discussion.

Our Price: US$18.00

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Jung's Function-Attitudes Explained
This book is the first of its kind to explain, in simple terms, Jung's attitudes (E & I) and their interaction with his four functions (S, N, T & F). Numerous comparison charts are presented along with a practical exercise for demonstrating the concepts. ISBN: 1-887278-01-X
Our Price: US$14.00

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The CommunicationWheel®: A Resource Book

A complete trainer's manual. Includes step-by-step outline with lecturette, reproducible masters, over 70 PowerPoint instructional overheads, application exercises, Communication Preference Questionnaire™ and a bibliography/resource list.

Our Price: US$225.00

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There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk: The Romance of Self-Discovery

Beginning with the poem “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters, Portia Nelson takes the reader through the process of self-discovery by charting her own course in simple, poetic language.

Our Price: US$7.95

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