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"Now that we've taken the MBTI, what's next?"

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Organization Dynamics

The Next Generation of Organizational Development

OrganizationalDynamics™ will prepare you to use powerful assessments and
applications that focus on the human side of organizations. An in-depth look at how
leadership, change, turnover and other issues affect overall performance will provide
insight and strategies for achieving and maintaining high performance.

This advanced workshop introduces you to the High Performance Organization
Model™ and the Leadership Equation™, powerful tools you can use to give your
organization the edge. Qualification on select organizational assessment instruments
increases your ability to target areas for improvement and design appropriate

OrganizationalDynamics introduces you to the basic concepts of systems thinking
and shows you how to use an integrated systems thinking process to manage change and
improve performance. This highly interactive workshop includes experiential exercises,
case studies, group discussions and multi-media presentations.
Prepare for a totally unique learning experience that will open your mind to new ways
of looking at organizations!

OrganizationalDynamics is a four-day interactive workshop designed to expand your
capabilities to work at the organizational level. Workshop requirements include reading
assignments and questionnaires.

For further information, call us at 706-769-5836.

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