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Live Online Videoconferencing

Why Choose Live, Online Videoconferencing Certification

For over five years, High Performing Systems has designed and facilitated live, online certification classes to bring an innovative, high-tech approach to certification while providing in-depth knowledge, experience and friendly service. Our engaging facilitators create a videoconferencing experience that rivals the best in-person classes!

Save time, travel expenses and more by attending HPS'  LIVE online videoconferencing feedback, certification workshops and training from the convenience of your own computer. Interact with your instructors and other participants in real time during these sessions. 

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Live online sessions use GoToMeeting® videoconferencing technology (PC & MAC compatible) and include the same content and benefits of an in-person workshop without the hassle, time and expense of travel. Using live webcams, participants are able to interact with each other and instructors. 

After clicking a link to join the videoconference, attendees have access to an easy-to-use control panel that controls audio and video functions and provides the capability to send chat messages to other attendees.

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  • AUDIO DETAILS: Participants have the option of using Voice Over IP (VOIP) or dialing in to the session on the phone. We highly recommend using VOIP with a headset and microphone. (Participants are responsible for any long distance phone charges incurred if dialing by phone.)
  • VIDEO DETAILS: Participants are requested to use a webcam so all participants can see each other during the session. The HPS instructor team uses webcams during the training so participants can see and hear them in real time.

For more information on Video Conferencing or our Certifications, contact us at 706-769-5836.

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