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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

The Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence: Best Practices, Case Studies, and Strategies

Table of Contents

Foreword by James M. Kouzes

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Part One: Coaching: Working with Leaders and Other Individuals

Chapter One: Coaching with Emotional and Social Effectiveness, by Marcia Hughes and James Bradford Terrell
Chapter Two: Developing High Achievers Through Emotional Intelligence: More Intelligent Than Emotional, by Geetu Bharwaney
Chapter Three: Resonant Leadership for Results: An Emotional and Social Intelligence Program for Change in South Africa and Cambodia, by Annie McKee, Frances Johnson, Eddy Mwelwa, and Suzanne Rotondo
Chapter Four: When Enhanced EI Is Associated with Leadership Derailment, by Howard Book
Chapter Five: Advanced EQ-i® Interpretation Techniques: The Concepts of Drag, Balance, and Leverage, by Rich Handley
Chapter Six: Emotional Intelligence, Stress, and Catastrophic Leadership Failure™, by Henry L. Thompson

Part Two: Teams, Organizations, and Cultures: Working with Systems

Chapter Seven: Building Your Team’s Conflict-Resolution Skills with Emotional and Social Intelligence, by Marcia Hughes
Chapter Eight: From Individual to Organizational Emotional Intelligence, by Steven J. Stein
Chapter Nine: Zeroing in on Star Performance, by Diana Durek and Wendy Gordon
Chapter Ten: Emotional Intelligence: A View from South Africa, by Jopie de Beer, Nicola Taylor, Renate Scherrer, and Christina van der Merwe

Part Three: Multiple Perspectives: Combining Wisdom

Chapter Eleven: Personality Type and Emotional Intelligence: Pragmatic Tools for the Effective Practitioner, by Roger R. Pearman
Chapter Twelve: Using the EQ-i® and MSCEIT® in Tandem, by Henry L. Thompson
Chapter Thirteen: Integrating Appreciative Inquiry and Emotional Intelligence for Optimal Coaching Results, by G. Lee Salmon and James Bradford Terrell
Chapter Fourteen: A Critical Perspective on the “Social” Within Emotional Intelligence,by Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk

Part Four: Education: Leaders and Students

Chapter Fifteen: A Sustainable, Skill-Based Approach to Building Emotionally Literate Schools, by Marc A. Brackett, Janet Patti, Robin Stern, Susan E. Rivers, Nicole A. Elbertson, Christian Chisholm, and Peter Salovey
Chapter Sixteen: Developing Emotional, Social, and Cognitive Intelligence Competencies in Managers and Leaders in Educational Settings, by Richard E. Boyatzis
Chapter Seventeen: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and the School Administrator, by James D.A. Parker, Howard E. Stone, and Laura M. Wood

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