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HPS Coaching Services

Do you have leaders who need to step up their game? Do you have high potentials who need assistance reaching their full potential? Do you have executives who need to hone their skills? If so, High Performing Systems’ Coaching is the process you need to move your leaders to the next Level. (Call 706-769-5836 orCaoching Image email for more information.)

Who Should Receive Coaching?

Coaching is not just for leaders who are struggling or on the verge of derailing. In today's competitive business environment, leaders and organizations recognize the value of fine-tuning strengths and honing critical skills that differentiate their leaders from the competition. Even world-class athletes at the pinnacle of their careers have coaches to help them remain at peak performance.

Executive Mentoring

In 2022 we will begin shaping the post-COVID world using the New Science of Leadership. The new, new normal will require an enhanced understanding of how to structure and lead organizations in an evolving world of speed, agility, technology and science-based decision making. Leaders and organizations will be required to operate at higher cognitive and emotional levels than ever before. This program challenges executives to think strategically and make faster, more accurate decisions—even under stress—than thought possible before 2021.

If you have ever considered mentoring, now is the time. Click here to learn more.

Individual Leader Coaching

HPS offers Individual Leader Coaching to help leaders in the Director, Manager or Supervisor Role Levels develop the skills they need to be most effective at their Role Level and to prepare them for the next Role Level. (For more on Individual Leader Coaching, click here.)

Team Coaching

Teams that struggle to be successful often do so because team members have issues that need to be addressed with Team Coaching. HPS offers a variety of packages, some of which begin with teambuilding, to help your teams reach their peak performance. (For more information on Team Coaching, click here.)

Emotional Intellligence Coaching

Using EI Coaching is like putting your development program on steroids. Coaching to enhance Emotional Intelligence helps leaders, teams and employees master the skills of EI—skills that will have the greatest impact on performance. (For more on EI Coaching, click here.)

The HPS Approach

Elevating one leader’s skills may have an impact on his or her team, but may not have the organizational impact you need. For that reason, HPS believes in taking a systems’ approach to leader development. We offer specialized coaching designed to fit the needs of leaders at each Role Level and at each phase of a leader’s career.  

Whether the need is around leadership in general, interpersonal dynamics or organizational strategy andCoaching Box Image design, HPS can design a coaching plan customized to meet your specific needs.

We use a multi-step process with each client:

  • Assess the leader, using one or several assessments
  • Pair the leader in a best-fit coach/client partnership
  • Provide feedback
  • Create a customized coaching plan base on the Role Level and expectations
  • Help the leader develop skills
  • Challenge the leader to develop containment in out-of-balance areas
  • Measure the impact (ROI) of the coaching

To make sure your leaders get the time and attention they need, we take a blended approach by using a variety of coaching styles:

  • Face-to-face (GoToMeeting)
  • Phone
  • Email
  • In-person (Executive, team or multi-leader coaching)

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