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Why Salespeople Need Emotional Intelligence and How to Develop It


Recorded: February 15, 2012
Length: Approximately 60 minutes

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Presentation Summary:

Research indicates that the better a sales professional can identify and understand
a customer’s emotions, while also being aware of and managing his/her own emotions
and behavior, the more successful the sales cycle will be—start to close. This description
is the very definition of a person who demonstrates a high degree of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

The strong correlation between a salesperson’s Emotional Intelligence and his/her ability to display essential sales skills that consistently deliver “the sale” is no coincidence. High performing, strong EI salespeople are better able to maintain self-confidence, are better listeners, are more persuasive yet genuine, are self-motivating and, most importantly, are better equipped interpersonally to build and maintain strong relationships that lead to extensive prospect networks and referrals. By comparison, lower performing, low EI sales personnel may be described as poor listeners and/or communicators, are less likely to pick up on and address customer concerns during the sales cycle, are less able to adjust sales behaviors to meet the needs of the customer, and are more focused on the sales process rather than on how the customer is responding—which inevitably leads to lower profit margins and lower customer satisfaction.

In this webcast, Dr. Henry L. (Dick) Thompson - an award-winning organizational psychologist and a leading EI researcher - will explain how assessing and developing a salesperson or an entire sales team’s Emotional Intelligence can increase sales productivity and profits. He will also discuss how integrating EI concepts into an organization’s recruiting, selecting and training programs can add scientific validity to these processes, help reduce staff turnover and boost sales.

How You Will Benefit: Attend this complimentary Webcast and you will:

  • Understand the relationship between EI and sales performance & profitability
  • Understand which EI Competencies most directly impact a person’s ability to succeed in sales
  • Understand how EI impacts interactions between salespeople and customers
  • Learn options for assessing the current strengths of your sales team from an EI perspective and how to choose an assessment
  • Understand how EI training can improve sales team performance
  • Learn how to implement EI training that will have a direct impact on sales and the bottom line .

Attendee Bonus:
Receive a copy of the PowerPoint® slides used in the presentation. Click Here

Session Presenter:
Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D., HPS President & CEO

Co-Presenter and Subject Matter Expert:
Debra Cannarella, HPS Director of Operations

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