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How Leaders Think & The Four—Level Leadership Model

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Recorded: Thursday, November 13, 2008
Length: Approximately 60 min

led by Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D.

Join us for a fast-moving, thought-stimulating presentation that explores how leaders
and how to assess their Innate thinking processes to pave a path for winning the
Talent War

During the webinar, presenter Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D., will reveal the biggest derailment factor for leaders. Plus, why each Level of an Organization requires leaders who think with a specific Level of Cognitive Ability (CA). Dr. Thompson also will describe and explain the CA Levels, show how
to identify a leader’s CA and how to match him/her to the right Organizational Level. Additionally, the webinar looks at how leaders at the four Organizational Complexity Levels (Tactical, Operational, Strategic and Visionary) deploy the four hierarchical Levels of Cognitive Ability.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • The Four Leadership Levels and their characteristics
  • The Four Levels of Organizational Complexity
  • What Level of CA is required at each Organizational Level
  • How to determine if a leader will be successful at the next level
  • That there is a discontinuous jump between CA Levels
  • Why superstars sometimes fail when promoted to the next level
  • How to keep High Potentials motivated.
  • Receive a set of PowerPoints® used in the presentation (click here)
  • Receive a discount on the HPS BarOn EQ-i® Certification Workshop

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