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"Now that we've taken the MBTI, what's next?"

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Element B™ Live, Online Video Conferencing Certification—The Next Generation of FIRO-B™

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The Element B Certification Course prepares you to administer and interpret the Element B assessment, provide feedback on the results and use Element B in a variety of applications such as leader development and coaching, teambuilding, leader selection and much more.

What Is Element B?

Element B is an assessment of interpersonal behavior that provides feedback on three dimensions: Inclusion, Control and Openness. Understanding the dynamics of interpersonal behavior has tremendous value for many organizational and team applications, especially leadership development and teambuilding. To learn more, click here.

Why Choose HPS for Your Element B Certification

For over 25 years, High Performing Systems has used the FIRO family of assessments with thousands of participants and has been a leading provider of FIRO certification since the mid 1990s. HPS brings an innovative, live, online video conferencing approach to certification while providing in-depth knowledge, experience and friendly service.

HPS Special Features:

  • Live Online Video Conferencing Certification or In-House Customization
  • No Travel Costs—Sleep in Your Own Bed!
  • Taught by a Team* of Element B Certification Experts
  • Dr. Dick Thompson, Lead Instructor
  • HPS is a leader in Element B Research
  • HPS-Exclusive Takeaways and Bonus Materials
  • Real-World Experience and Applications of Element B, including:
    • Use of Element B to create compatible work teams
    • Leadership Assessment and Feedback for Development and Coaching
    • Relationship of Element B to Other Assessments
    • Use of Element B in Selection Models and Success Profiles

*Team Teaching Model:

HPS uses a team approach for conducting our Element B Certification courses. Classes are facilitated by a team of Element B experts, with fifty years of combined Element B experience, to offer a dynamic and interactive training model for our participants.


  • Certification on Element B
  • Personal Element B Feedback Session and Report
  • Element B Presenter’s Guide with PowerPoint and exercises for using Element B with leaders and teams
  • Numerous articles and handouts
  • One free administration of the Element B
  • Membership in a large, growing international Element B network


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Additional Takeaways—HPS Exclusives

  • Two 30-minute personal coaching sessions
  • Detailed Course Notebook
  • Relationship of Element B  to EQ-i, MBTI®, teams, stress and leadership
  • Cutting-edge HPS research on Element B
  • HPS Alumni membership

Applications of Element B

HPS trainers share best practices, examples and case studies of how Element B can be used in various applications, including:

Teambuilding—Research shows that compatible teams perform better under stress than teams that are not compatible. Learn how to create compatible teams based on Element B, to achieve better results with less conflict.

Selection—Learn why just administering the Element B is not enough and how to use Element B as part of a comprehensive selection process, including the creation of success profiles and structured interview questions.

Leadership Development—Help leaders understand their interpersonal interaction style and how to enhance their probability of success when dealing with colleagues, direct reports and customers.

Coaching—Learn how to create a coaching plan based on Element B results, using feedback, development and Action Plans that work.

Use With Other Assessments—Find out how Element B can be used in combination with other assessment tools to create high-impact consulting and assessment solutions for clients.

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The lead instructor for this certification is Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D., President and CEO of High Performing Systems, Inc., and author of numerous books and articles on FIRO-B/Element B™, Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, leadership and teams. Dr. Thompson currently collaborates with the Element B trademark owner and with the US Distributor of Element B to host the US online Element B assessment site, develop new Element B materials and conduct research on Element B (expanded Bio).

The training team also includes Debra Cannarella and Farrell Collins.

Course Outline (click here)


December 18, 2018 (10 AM - 5 PM eastern)

Price: $995. Call HPS at 706-769-5836 to register.

For printable PDF of course information, click here.

Click here to Register or Call HPS at 706-769-5836.

** To learn more about how live online videoconferencing works, click here.

HPS offers In-House Element B Certification - Call 706-769-5836 for pricing and details.
If you prefer in-person certification, contact us at 706-769-5836 or 800-535-8445 to discuss options for an in-house class at your location or about attendance at a class in Athens, GA.

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