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The EQ 360, which corresponds to the EQ-i 2.0, uses graphs and numerical scores to give respondents feedback on their Emotional Intelligence from the perspective of those around them—managers, peers, direct reports, friends/ family and others. This tool is invaluable to coaches, mentors, HR and, most especially, respondents as it provides comparative analyses that allow them to develop an Action Plan based on quantifiable feedback. Best of all, the EQ 360 identifies key strengths they can leverage to the benefit of their organization and blind spots that help them focus their development where it will make the biggest impact.
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Benefits of a 360-degree Assessment

  • View from multiple perspectives
  • Honest feedback
  • Focused on development
  • Identifies blind spots
  • Greater employee effectiveness
  • Greater organizational effectiveness


  • Leadership development
  • Individual development
  • High potential identification
  • Team effectiveness
  • Succession planning initiatives
  • General coaching
  • Performance management

The EQ 360 provides additional feedback and enhances insights provided by the EQ-i 2.0. The EQ-i 2.0 model, shown below, is a circular model that shows how five Composite Scales and fifteen Subscales interact to predict behaviors. The circular nature of the model is a visual representation of how each area of Emotional Intelligence influences the next. The EQ 360 provides feedback on the same Composite Scales and Subscales as the EQ-i 2.0.

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EQ-i 2.0 Scales

EQ-i Sub Scales Image

Report Features

  • Overview of Self EQ-i 2.0
  • Gap Analysis
  • Rater Response Summary (average of all raters’ responses)
  • Individual Subscales (explanations with average of all raters’ responses)
  • Balancing Emotional Intelligence

EQ 360 Quick Facts

Age Range:
18 and older

Self report (EQ-i 2.0) and multirater-report (EQ 360)

Administration Time:
30 minutes per questionnaire

Qualification Level:

Scoring Service


EQ360 Rater REsponse Summary Image

Sample Feedback Report (click here)
Sample Coach Report (click here)


EQ-i 2.0 Certification

High Performing Systems offers both online and in-house certification. These interactive, research-based classes prepare participants to give feedback on both the EQ-i 2.0 and the EQ 360. Participants begin by watching webinars and reading material before class. The class itself, only two days, focuses on leading participants to develop a deep understanding of the material by working on case studies and practicing feedback sessions with other participants. To learn more about certification, click here.

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