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High Performance Executive Mentoring
Surviving and Excelling in the Perfect Storm

Learn how to lead effectively in this crisis environment of COVID-19 and other
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stressors. Let us provide you the mentorship you need to excel in this Perfect Storm and advance to the next level. The current crisis environment in our country is our laboratory for teaching you skills that will take you to the next level. The mentoring program is based in real-life scenarios you’re currently facing, not abstract research or case studies.

If you've ever considered coaching or mentoring, now is the time. The stress from the Perfect Storm of COVID-19, civil unrest, financial upheaval and more is creating a landscape the likes of which most current executives have never encountered. Partner with an expert mentor to help you navigate through this storm and emerge stronger on the other side.

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • C-Suite
  • VPs & Aspiring VPs

Why Choose HPS for Coaching and Mentoring

We have over 36 years of experience helping Executives survive the Perfect Storm. We are experts in executive assessment and development, stress management, Emotional Intelligence, building resilience, Cognitive Ability, decision making under stress and more. These topics are critical for managing COVID-19 and being prepared to grow your career as we emerge from this current situation.


  • Thrive in the current environment
  • Prepare yourself and your organization for the world beyond COVID-19
  • Raise the bar of your own performance
  • Elevate your team and organization to the high performance zone
  • Handle stress better
  • Improve decision making under stress
  • Manage your emotions better
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Identify and develop areas of underutilized potential
  • Create a development plan that is directly linked to your personal leadership potential and growth trajectory

Program Components

  • Executive assessment
  • In-depth personal feedback
  • Customized development plan
  • Real-world application and practical assignments
  • Collaboration with other executives from various organizations and a range of industries (optional)


  • Current-events focused
  • Based on real life, not just case studies or academic models
  • Leading through COVID-19 and beyond
  • High Performance Leadership
  • Leading teams in a new environment
  • Navigating turbulence and chaos
  • The Stress Effect: How to build resilience and avoid dumb decisions
  • SOG Leadership Lessons: How lessons from special operations combat teams can be applied to corporate America today   
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence (your own and others’)
  • Electives/Customization to your specific needs

Your Commitment

Your 12-month program begins with the completion of assessments and debrief (approximately 5 hours, at your convenience). You’ll then meet twice per month for the next 11 months in web and phone sessions of 30 to 60-minutes each. Apply your insights and lessons to real-world applications through the completion of readings, assignments, etc. (approximately 5-10 hours per month) between sessions.

About Your Mentor

Dr. Dick Thompson is a senior executive and psychologist with over 50 years of leadership experience from the battlefield to the boardroom. An internationally recognized leader, consultant, scientist, educator and speaker who helps leaders and organizations move into the High Performance Zone.

Specialties: Published numerous articles, software, psychological instruments and training manuals on personality, emotional intelligence, MBTI, EQ-i, MSCEIT, leadership, teams, cognitive ability, FIRO, and stress and authored several books. Expert on Decision Making Under Stress. Former military Special Operations leader and current Ironman competitor.

A systems approach is used with individuals and organizations to apply chaos and complexity theory and artificial intelligence applications. 

Next Steps

There are more effective ways to lead in a crisis than what we are seeing today. Don’t miss this opportunity to raise your ability and skills to the next level.

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